Excellent service! Very professional! I loved that our ceremony was customized to our needs and could be as simple or extravagant as we wanted. – Jillian and Ron (posted to the knot)

Types of Ceremonies

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Non-Denominational Religious Ceremonies

Our non-denominational religious ceremonies use traditional Christian scripts that are used in many churches as well as contemporary versions. There are generic religious elements that are included in this type of ceremony. Various wording samples are available and personal alterations are acceptable. Additional Ceremony Enhancements may be added to this type or any one of our ceremonies.

Civil or Secular Ceremonies

This type of ceremony is for those who choose not to include any specific religious elements to their ceremony. The ceremony is created around the couple being wed, their values, their personal feelings which are expressed by the script selections they choose. The reading of a love poem would make a nice addition to this type of ceremony, as well as many others from our list of Ceremony Enhancements.

Spiritual Ceremonies

A spiritual ceremony may include religious references or not. One can be spiritual without being religious. Spirituality may be added to any ceremony by the inclusion of a prayer, scripture reading, poem or by choosing selections from our Creating Your Ceremony workbook that reference God or a ‘higher power’. The script would be based primarily on marriage and the love a couple has for each other.

Interfaith Ceremonies

This type of ceremony would be for a couple of different faiths. Actually any of the above ceremonies may be used by inter-faith couples. Couples may blend parts of each type of ceremony to create one that is custom-fit just for them. If either of the couple being married has certain religious, ethnic or cultural elements that they would like included, we welcome that. Rituals that are personal to the couple make for a more meaningful ceremony.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

A vow renewal ceremony is a special way to celebrate the life a couple has had together. It may be for a milestone anniversary such as the 25th or 50th, although a vow renewal may be whenever and as often as a couple chooses. Sometimes one spouse will surprise the other with a special ceremony in front of their family and friends.

Elopement Ceremonies

This type of ceremony would primarily be for a couple wanting to get married without all of the traditional wedding fanfare. This type of couple would need 2 witnesses at least the age of 18. There are sample scripts to choose from or selections may be made from our Creating Your Ceremony workbook. Just because it is small in size, doesn’t mean it shouldn't be personal as well as meaningful.

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