When booking La Donna Weddings, you receive the services of a personable officiant and a wedding coordinator all in one! You will benefit from all the knowledge and experience, as well as the personal attention they will provide to every detail. Rev. Donna Schonhoff or one of her caring, dedicated officiants will combine their experience and your input to provide you with a meaningful and memorable ceremony, expressing the beautiful celebration of your love.


This package is for those couples that want the whole shebang! This personalized ceremony, whether a basic ceremony or one that includes options, readings, unity ceremony, etc., will be woven into a unique ceremony that is yours alone. This package is good whether your wedding party consists of 2 witnesses or many couples.

  • Introduction no-cost, no-obligation meeting
  • Unlimited email and phone conversations
  • Ceremony performed at location of your choice
  • Creating Your Ceremony workbook
  • Composition of a customized/personalized script
  • Personal inclusions of choice
  • Draft of your ceremony for review and final approval
  • Includes a 1-hour rehearsal *
  • Filing of your Marriage License (you apply for it, and we file it)
  • Couple arranges for ceremony music and/or amplification equipment
  • Fees: Starting at $400

* Above ceremony is available without a rehearsal, although not recommended.

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This package is perfect for couples that want a very intimate and private ceremony; possibly with only 2 witnesses. If you do not have witnesses, La Donna Weddings can provide them for you. This package includes:

  • Introduction no-cost, no-obligation meeting, if desired
  • Unlimited email and phone conversations
  • Ceremony performed at La Donna fireside location
  • Limited to 6 guests, including 2 witnesses
  • La Donna Weddings can provide witnesses at an additional cost of $25 each
  • Select from pre-written scripts available with personal touch add-ons.
  • Filing of your Marriage License (you apply for it, and we file it)
  • Bring your camera to capture some memories


  • At La Donna location - $200
  • At your location of choice - Starting at $300

Fireside add-ons (optional):

  • A celebratory non-alcoholic toast for all attending - $20
  • Rental of unity and/or memorial vase, including floating candle - $15 each
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Any of our described packages may be used for vow renewal ceremonies. Your ceremony script will be created to reflect your life together and the renewal of your vows. Personal touches may be added, as you desire.

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Do you want your ceremony to begin with your wedding party not knowing how and when to walk, what to do with their flowers or hands, or even know where to stand when they arrive at the ceremony site? Of course not!

Do you want your grandparents, parents, and wedding party to understand what is expected of each of them? Do you want everyone relaxed and not stressed out because of the unknown? Of course you do!

The most important part of your wedding day is your wedding ceremony, when you are joined in marriage in front of your family and friends. Although things aren’t always ‘perfect’, you want your wedding ceremony to go as perfectly as possible from beginning to end. We have all heard the old adage ‘practice makes perfect’, and the best way to achieve a flawless ceremony, that you will cherish forever, is to practice the details. How do you practice the details…with a rehearsal, of course!

A fact, that everyone may not realize, is that even your wedding photos will reflect the confidence everyone gains as a result of a rehearsal.

Because all of our wedding officiants are also wedding coordinators, you will receive a FULLY coordinated rehearsal, insuring a well-orchestrated ceremony, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Seating your grandparents, and parents (may be pre-seated, as well)
  • Processional and placement of your wedding party
  • All elements of your ceremony; inclusion of maid/matron of honor and/or best man duties, etc.
  • Readings, unity ceremony, and anything unique to your ceremony will be addressed and refined
  • Your recessional (including info for the parents and guests)
  • Discussion of whether any announcements should be presented to your guests.
  • Additional tips, provided by our officiants, resulting in a better ceremony.


  • Complete an Inquiry form and share the details of the ceremony you desire.
  • Provide your wedding date, ceremony location and time, so we can respond with our availability and provide you a quote.
  • Because we want our couples to have the perfect match for their personalities, you may meet your officiant before making a decision. Although a meeting is not required before you book our services, you are invited to visit and speak with your officiant!
  • Still looking for a location? View our Venue and Photos page for some beautiful ceremony site options.