Frequently Asked Questions

For a quote for your wedding, or to answer any questions you may have, please submit our Inquiry Form or contact us by email or phone and we will be glad to assist you.

When should we book our offciant?

The sooner you book, the better. Some months are busier than others. We suggest you book your Officiant as soon as you have your wedding date determined and ceremony site reserved. Contact Us

Do we get to meet our officiant before our rehearsal or wedding day?

If you did not originally meet with your Officiant before you booked your wedding with us, you may directly contact your Officiant to set up a meeting. This especially would apply if you live out of state.

How much of a deposit is required to secure our date and time?

You can secure the date by signing an agreement and furnishing a 50% deposit. The balance is due 14 days prior to the ceremony. Payments are accepted by cash or check.

Is a gratuity required?

Your Officiant is providing a service, just like your photographer or limo driver and, although a gratuity is not required, you may express your gratitude to your Officiant who provided you with attentive personal service and a beautiful, memorable ceremony. Some couples may also send a thank you card and email images taken during the ceremony to Besides the above, the greatest compliment you can pays us is to refer us to your family and friends.

How long will the ceremony take?

Our ceremonies are personalized for each couple; therefore, each ceremony will vary in length. A standard ceremony will generally be approximately 15-20 minutes in length and when you include one or more of the optional selections or Ceremony Enhancements a few minutes will be added for each addition.

May we write our own vows?

Of course you may and we encourage your personal input. Your personal input also adds even more uniqueness to your ceremony.

May our children be included in the ceremony?

We encourage children to be included whenever they can be. They are an important part of the new family that is being created and it makes them feel so much more a part by including them in the ceremony. View the Including Children page.

What do your officiants wear to the ceremony?

The appropriate attire for an Officiant is a suit, dress or celebrant’s robe. Be sure to discuss this with your Officiant.

May photographs be taken during the ceremony?

La Donna Officiants do not mind if photographs are taken during the ceremony. This is a decision that you, as the wedding couple, should make. Our only rule for your photographer (whether a professional or a friend) is not to be intrusive during the ceremony.

How does our license get filed?

The couple being married must apply for their marriage license. There will be three copies of the license furnished, which must be provided to your Officiant prior to the wedding. Once the wedding has taken place, both parties, their two witnesses, and the Officiant will sign all copies. One copy is given to the couple and the other two copies will be mailed to the County Clerk’s Office for filing. Read Name Change Notice.

Who is La Donna Weddings Officiants & Ceremony Coordinating Services?

La Donna Weddings is a team of professional wedding Ministers and Officiants who conduct spiritual, non-denominational religious, civil and secular ceremonies. These personalized ceremonies are written to reflect the feelings, values, personalities and relationship of the couple being joined in marriage.

What is the goal of La Donna Weddings Officiants & Ceremony Coordinating Services?

Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful, unique and meaningful ceremony created with your input and personal touches with our professional assistance and attention to detail, ensuring a memorable day you will truly cherish!

What is the secret to planning a meaningful ceremony?

One secret is to choose a perfect setting that gives you the ‘right’ feeling and can accommodate the number of guests that you wish to invite. Another is to select a professional wedding Officiant with whom you are comfortable and one that will work with you to create a personalized ceremony of your dreams.

What are some of the ceremony options available to us?

In order for you to have the wedding ceremony you have always dreamed of, we make options available to you which may include prayers, readings (either a scripture reading or perhaps a love poem), exchange of promises, guest participation of vows, affirmation of vows, blessing of rings, unity candle lighting, sand or water ceremony, hand ceremony, vessel and the rose ceremony, wine ceremony, remembrance, closing blessing or prayer, as well as many others. Perhaps you have a family tradition or something that you would like included. We welcome your input. See if one of our Ceremony Enhancements is what you are looking for to help make your ceremony as unique as you are.

Do we have to memorize our vows?

Not unless you want to. You may read your vows from a hand-held card or repeat them after the Officiant. The Officiant will say the vows in short phrases so that you may repeat them easily. Of course the option is always there to memorize them, if that is your desire.

May our family or friends participate in the wedding even if they are not part of the wedding party?

Yes, your family and friends are most welcome to participate in the wedding by reading a scripture, poem or the like, by saying a prayer, singing or playing a musical instrument or in whatever way you would like them included. This is your ceremony and it should be personalized as you choose.

May we add our personal touches to the content of the ceremony?

Yes. Our goal is for the ceremony to reflect you, the wedding couple, as well as your relationship, traditions, and feelings. Your personal touches are always welcome without any additional cost.

What is the process in choosing the script for our ceremony?

You will be provided with a copy of our Creating Your Ceremony workbook from which you may make your selections for the content of your ceremony. A draft will be provided for you to insure that everything is as you want it. Be assured that you will have final approval of the script.

What if we want a very simple ceremony?

Although the services of an officiant is required for every wedding ceremony to be legally performed, the only addition of two witnesses (18 years of age or older) is required. You may choose from our pre-written scripts or choose to personalize your ceremony as previously described.

What are some of the ceremony options available to us to include our children?

A meaningful way to include children is by adding any of the following to your ceremony: family unity candle, sand or water ceremony, the family support ceremony, the medallion ceremony and/or the ribbon ceremony. All of these ceremonies are created for the inclusion of children.

What fee would you charge for officiating at our wedding?

The fee would depend upon what services you require and the location of your ceremony.

Is a rehearsal necessary?

As a rule, a rehearsal is recommended for a well-orchestrated ceremony. You only have one chance to make it flow well, for everything to run smoothly and for it to turn out beautifully. You want to make this special day as perfect as it can be. A rehearsal will also ease some of the stress and unknown factors that you, your parents and/or your wedding party may have. When La Donna conducts your rehearsal, every detail of the processional, ceremony, and recessional will be addressed. La Donna Officiants offer rehearsal services to all of our couples.

Is the rehearsal cost included in the price of the ceremony?

There is a nominal fee to include the services of a rehearsal. The rehearsal is held on a separate day and, therefore, requires additional time. The cost depends on how much time the Officiant or wedding coordinator’s services are required.

How do we book a La Donna officiant to conduct our wedding ceremony?

Submit an Inquiry Form or contact our office by phone or email. We can set up a no-obligation appointment to get acquainted and to go over the details of your wedding.

What time does the officiant arrive before the wedding ceremony?

The arrival time is up to you, but your Officiant will usually arrive approximately 15 minutes or so prior to your ceremony. You will be requested to furnish your Officiant an on-site phone number or emergency contact number (generally someone’s cell phone), as well as directions to the wedding site, if requested.

What is the proper etiquette regarding inviting my officiant to join us for dinner?

Yes, it is proper to extend an invitation to your Officiant and their spouse. And although our Officiants appreciate the generous invitations that are received, their response will depend upon their schedule.

What if we would like consulting or wedding day coordinating services, can La Donna assist us?

Please check our list of professional wedding consultants on our vendors & resources page. Consultants and coordinators are really a ‘very affordable necessity’.

What other services and products do you offer?

Other beneficial and complimenting services that we offer include invitations (25% discount), wedding programs (only available at the showroom), seating charts, gown cleaning and preservation, and more.

Can you provide us with the names of reputable service vendors that we might need for our wedding day?

Yes, we work with many professionals in the area. Please view our vendors & resources page or contact us for further information.